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TTE Council grants New Chance for Realisation of Galileo

Brussels, 30 November – During today’s Council of Ministers for Transport, Telecommunications and Energy (TTE Council), transport ministers of the EU have unanimously agreed upon the conclusions regarding the programme Galileo, and in particular regarding three main open issues relating to the programme: confirming the amount of costs pertaining to the European GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) for the period from 2007 to 2013; defining management structure of the programme; and drawing up the principles of public procurements. The main objective of transparent procurement procedures is to guarantee fair competition, free access and a balanced participation of the industry on all levels, access to up-to-date information, as well as the respect of public sector investments, past agreements and the respect of the experience of the industry arising from the development phase of the programme.
After an agreement on financing Galileo (missing funds amounting to 2.4 billion euros will be granted in the financial perspective 2007-2013) was reached at the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (budget), which took place in the end of November, and after today’s adoption of the TTE Council Conclusions, Galileo received sufficient foundations for its realisation.
During yesterday’s debate, the Slovenian Transport Minister Radovan Žerjav stressed that “the Galileo programme needs to be developed further”. The Minister reiterated that “the final success will depend on active participation of all Member States on the Community level as well as on the respective national levels”. During the ministerial meeting, he added that he expects “a balanced participation of all Member States in different phases of the project, but of course by making the best possible use of open competition and public procurement principles”. He assured that as the future presidency, Slovenia will invest every possible effort in order to adopt the necessary legislative framework for the continuation of the programme. During our Presidency, we will continue discussing the proposal for an Implementation Regulation on Galileo and start discussing amendments to the Regulation on Galileo Supervisory Authority.