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Minister Žerjav addressed the participants at the Aviation Conference in Brussels

A conference "Towards a More Performing European Aviation System" is taking place today in Brussels, which is organised by the European Commission and chaired by the Commission's vice-president Mr. Jacques Barrot. The aviation authorities of the EU member states will discuss and look for answers concerning a more efficient European aviation system.

In the opening part of the conference, also Minister of Transport, Mr. Radovan Žerjav addressed the participants. Among other things, he accentuated:
“The pan-European and global dimensions of civil aviation require special attention in setting up a new institutional framework for the regulation of civil aviation as outlined in the High-Level Group Report. In this framework we have to promote resolving the open issues in civil aviation and furthering advancements in technological development and the open market economy. As all these goals require taking into account Member States' rights and obligations resulting from international conventions, it would be good if EASA could establish more efficient mechanisms of cooperation with Member States, particularly in the areas demanding joint normative regulation and implementation at the national level.”


- Minister's Speech in the opening part of the conference "Towards a More Performing European Aviation System"