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Minister Žerjav addressed today the European Maritime Day conference in Brussels

On the eve of the declaration of the European Maritime Day, a conference is taking place in Brussels. Slovenian Transport Minister, Mr. Radovan Žerjav, is attending the conference upon the invitation of the Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, Mr. Joe Borg. Minister Žerjav addressed the audience in the introductory part of the conference and principally highlighted the importance of seas and oceans for the European space.

»The EU Maritime Day binds us to discuss it with our eyes and minds set to the future, bearing in mind the fact that Europe has always been the leading maritime force in the world, and that we need to keep it that way «, said Minister Žerjav in his opening address and underlined that we are all bound to it by our common European heritage and our common responsibility to seas and oceans.

Minister Žerjav's address at the conference