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Vlačič and Zeil to discuss the possibility of closer cooperation between Slovenia and Bavaria

Today, the Minister of Transport Dr Patrick Vlačič and his colleagues held talks with Deputy Prime Minister and State Minister for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport, and Technology of Bavaria Martin Zeil and his colleagues on the possibilities of closer cooperation between both countries in the area of transport.

After Slovenian Minister of Transport Dr Patrick Vlačič had presented to his German counterpart the situation of Slovenian transport infrastructure, in particular in terms of further development and strong integration of the Republic of Slovenia and its infrastructure capabilities in European transport by means of two trans-European corridors, both interlocutors paid a lot of attention to conditions for even better cooperation between both countries in the area of transport that was, according to both ministers, already excellent.
Minister Vlačič also highlighted Slovenia's interest, due to its exceptional geostrategic position, to establish and improve conditions, such as high-quality and effective infrastructure and the organization of transfers of goods, as soon as possible so that the Republic of Slovenia would become a logistical platform for Central and South Eastern Europe.
According to Slovenian Minister of Transport, we must not forget that the State of Bavaria is Slovenia's biggest economic partner, since rail transport covers the distance Munich – Salzburg – Jesenice – Ljubljana all the way to Greece through trans-European transport Corridor 10. He also highlighted the interest of the Republic of Slovenia that efficient and interoperable railway infrastructure should be established throughout the entire Corridor 10 thus increasing economic cooperation between Slovenia and Bavaria.


Patrick Vlačič (left) and Martin Zeil


And that is why Ministers of Transport of the Republic of Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia signed a Joint Declaration already in July in Belgrade where they supported a plan to improve the conditions of railway infrastructure on Corridor 10 and the removal of administrative barriers in customs procedures and supported the idea to establish a joint rail company that would be in charge of the development of rail transport on the common axis. In order to reach even bigger efficiency and competitiveness throughout the entire area of Corridor 10, they plan to invite Bulgaria, Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina to make the same commitments when they meet in Istanbul this October for that same purpose.

During their conversation, both interlocutors also pointed out the significance of our port for the improvement of mutual cooperation in particular because the Port of Koper considers German, that is Bavarian, market as its biggest potential market. This particular market represents 2% of the entire transhipment of the Port of Koper and due to the fact that Germany also offers some high-quality product groups (in terms of price and ecology) such as containers, cars and fruit, the interest of Slovenian port to strengthen the cooperation was a strong highlight of today's meeting.
Today, both interlocutors also called for the establishment of new flight routes between both countries as well as flight route Maribor – Munich, and that is why the Ministry of Transport in accordance with “Community guidelines on financing of airports and start-up aid to airlines departing from regional airports” has already started a project of start-up aid intended to open new flight routes from the Edward Rusjan Airport in Maribor to other countries, including the flight route Maribor – Munich.