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Minister Vlačič Attends Working Dinner with MEPs

This evening, Slovenian Minister of Transport Dr Patrick Vlačič and members of the Committee on Transport and Tourism of the European Parliament met in Ljubljana.

In a very relaxed atmosphere Dr Vlačič pointed out that Slovenian transport infrastructure already represents a logistical platform of the South Eastern Europe nevertheless we are aware of the necessity of further investments, in particular in the railway infrastructure. Today’s economic situation not only in Slovenia but also in the European Union does not favour accelerated investments. The Minister continued with optimism by saying that Slovenia had already proven the resilience of its economy and expressed his belief that our country would be able to handle the difficulties even in hard times and that alongside the economic recovery the need for transport services would increase. ”Infrastructure development in Slovenia is planned by ensuring higher transport requirements alongside the necessity of ensuring sustainable services”, Slovenian Minister of Transport also highlighted. 


link to the speech (already translated into English)