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The Republic of Slovenia elected into ICAO Council

As a part of the 37th Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) that has been taking place in Montreal (Canada) since last week, the Republic of Slovenia was today elected into ICAO Council for a 3-year-period between 2010 and 2013.“This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest success, of our country in the area of international activities in civil aviation,” said state secretary at the Ministry of Transport, Igor Jakomin PhD, after the election and added with satisfaction: “Alongside the Assembly, the ICAO Council is the most important organ of this organization, and only now, as a Council Member, will we be able to directly influence the policies and decision-making. These decisions can have a strong influence on global aviation industry.”

ICAO, the most important international organization in the area of civil aviation, was founded in 1944 in Chicago in order to ensure safe and regular international air transport with the highest common standards and unified norms. The highest legal document of the ICAO is the Convention on International Civil Aviation (also known as Chicago Convention). The Republic of Slovenia became a member of the ICAO in 1992 and is now one of 190 contracting states.

The ICAO Council represents an executive and permanent body and is composed of 36 contracting states that are divided into three groups: in the first group (Part I), there are countries that are the most important for air transport, the second group (Part II) is comprised of those countries that are not in the first group but contribute to ensuring devices for international air transport, and in the third group (Part III), which Slovenia has been elected into, there are those countries that ensure an even representation of every global geographical area.

In 2002, due to the support with the election into the ICAO Council, the Republic of Slovenia became a member of Central European Rotation Group or CERG by signing a Memorandum of Understanding among Civil Aeronautical Authorities of Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovak Republic on cooperation and representation in the International Civil Aviation Organization Council. In 2009, Poland and Bulgaria also joined the group. By being elected and on the basis of rotation principle, the Republic of Slovenia has also assumed the leadership of the Central European Rotation Group – CERG, succeeding Romania that represented the CERG group in the ICAO Council between 2007 and 2010.

“In addition to the fact that the membership in a body of this international organization is an extraordinary accomplishment for the Republic of Slovenia, it is also a huge honour and acknowledgment to our country for our work in civil aviation,” said Igor Jakomin PhD after the election and added: “As a member of the ICAO Council, our goal is to work actively in order to ensure safe, reliable and sustainable development of civil aviation.”