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Slovenia and Italy sign an agreement on co-financing the study and design of the cross-border railway line Trieste-Divača

Today in Trieste, state secretary at the Ministry of Transport Igor Jakomin Ph. D. and deputy minister of infrastructure and transport of the Republic of Italy Roberto Castelli signed an agreement on co-financing a project entitled "Cross-border railway line Trieste-Divača: study and design of the railway line Trieste–Divača–Ljubljana–Budapest–Ukrainian border”. According to state secretary Igor Jakomin Ph. D., we signed an agreement that represents another step towards the actual beginning of construction of a new railway line.

On 5 December 2008, European Commission (EC) issued a Decision C(2008)7728 to Slovenia and Italy approving the co-financing of a cross-border project of elaborating study and project documentation for a new railway line Trieste–Divača that is a part of 6th Priority Project and Community’s TEN railway network. According to the Decision, both beneficiaries shall receive financial aid EUR 50,700,000 from the Community. The Decision of the European Commission also states that with internal agreement, both beneficiaries can additionally define their commitments regarding the elaboration of a more detailed plan of drawing funds by year and activities by each side and the formation of an appropriate body that will coordinate and oversee the activities within the project itself.

The agreement that was signed today by Igor Jakomin Ph. D. and Roberto Castelli therefore defines terms and conditions of cooperation in greater detail. The drawing of funds is thus determined according to the activities and years for each individual country.
Total costs of the project, approved by the Commission, amount up to 101.4 million EUR.  Commission will contribute 50.7 million EUR, 50% of the planned total costs, while the remaining share of 50.7 million EUR will be given by both signatory countries to the agreement: Slovenia 28.7 and Italy 22 million EUR.
Today's signed agreement also determines a setting up of a joint executive body (JEB) upon which the Italian manager of railway infrastructure (RFI) and Agency for the Management of Public Railway Infrastructure Investment of the Republic of Slovenia (DŽI) will transfer their managerial tasks regarding this cross-border project. The joint executive body will work until Slovenian and Italian side set up European Economic Interest Group (EEIG), according to Regulation (EEC) No. 2137/85, whose work will be supervised by Slovene-Italian joint intergovernmental group. The purpose of establishing EEIG is to transfer functions of management, coordination and administration regarding financing and elaborating project documentation to the aforementioned body.