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Dr Igor Jakomin in Tirana about Slovenia as a logistics platform

Tirana has been hosting since yesterday a two-day Ministerial Conference organised within the SEETAC Project (South Eastern European Transport Axis Cooperation); the conference is also attended by the State Secretary of Transport, Dr Igor Jakomin.


SEETAC is a project that has been set up within the Central European Initiative and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the South East Europe Cooperation Programme. The project includes, in addition to Slovenia, all South East European countries, including Italy, Austria, Hungary (as an observer), all the countries of the former Yugoslavia that are not EU Member States and, at the same time, are partners through SEETO, Albania, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria. The project aims at fostering cooperation among secretariats of Pan-European Corridors in South East Europe and Member States. It is a transnational approach with a view to ensuring, at a European level, greater transparency, more efficient flow of information and faster achievement of common standards in the overall European territory. 

The conference in Tirana has been organised by the Albanian Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Telecommunications in cooperation with the Lead Partner – the Central European Initiative.  The purpose and aim of the Tirana conference is twofold: on the one hand, briefly to review financial compliance between EU obligations and other financial institutions regarding transport corridors in the region and, on the other, to coordinate these priorities with projects envisaged in the countries participating in the SEETAC project, in particular in terms of EU enlargement, EU transport policy for South East Europe, as well as discussion relating to the TEN-T network.

Within today’s discussion, State Secretary Igor Jakomin briefly outlined future priorities of Slovenia in the field of transport infrastructure development, mainly in the light of the development of the entire region, and presented Slovenia as a logistics platform in Central and South East Europe.