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FAB CE Agreement signed

The Agreement on the Establishment of Functional Airspace Block Central Europe (FAB CE Agreement) was solemnly signed today at Brdo pri Kranju by Doris Bures, Federal Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology of the Republic of Austria, Rudo Vidović, Minister of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ivo Vykydal, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic, Danijel Mileta, M. Sc., State Secretary at the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia, Tamas Ivan Kovacs, Deputy State Secretary for Infrastructure of the Republic of Hungary, Ján Figeľ, Minister of Transport, Construction and Regional Development (also Deputy Prime Minister) of the Slovak Republic, and Patrick Vlačič, Ph. D., Minister of Transport of the Republic of Slovenia.

The FAB CE Agreement (Agreement on the Establishment of Functional Airspace Block Central Europe) will enable the above mentioned countries to fulfill requirements of European regulations regarding the Single European Sky (SES). With the establishment of Functional Airspace Block Central Europe (FAB CE), air traffic control between cooperating countries will be organized in accordance with operative needs instead of state borders, which will increase airspace capacity and the efficiency of its use in this part of Europe.

No public funds will be required for the implementation of the FAB CE Agreement. Providing of air navigation services in FAB CE will be financed from charges for air navigation services on air routes (route charges) in accordance with EU regulations.


Doris Bures, Rudo Vidović, Ivo Vykydal, mag. Danijel Mileta, Tamas Ivan Kovacs, Ján Figeľ and dr. Patrick Vlačič. (Foto: Boni)

The Functional Airspace Block Central Europe (FAB CE) will start its operation in its basic form by the end of 2012 which is also the requirement of Single European Sky regulations, while final implementation of FAB CE is foreseen in 2015.

The purpose of Single European Sky regulations is to reduce fragmentation of European airspace which affects air traffic safety, airspace capacity and of course flight costs. Currently, there are 67 airspaces in Europe. By 2012, European airspace is planned to be organized in nine functional airspace blocks. FAB CE in which Slovenia participates is thus one of these airspaces.


Opening address by the Minister of Transport