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The simplification of procedures for economic recovery

The Government approved the Draft Act Amending the Spatial Planning Act, which will result in simplifying procedures and release of investments, which is the basis for economic recovery in certain industries.



The amendments are based especially on the finding that the procedures of drafting municipal spatial plans, which municipalities need for the implementation of their development projects and for larger investments in their area, take too long and therefore seriously impede the faster development of municipalities and, consequently, the Republic of Slovenia. This is why the Act Amending the Spatial Planning Act provides for the rationalisation of procedures for drafting and amending spatial plans and the related individual systemic solutions that will help municipalities to draft general spatial acts, municipal spatial plans, and in establishing the location of concrete interventions and spatial arrangements important for municipal spatial development with more detailed spatial acts, municipal detailed spatial plan.


The Act also adds some new content sections or tasks, especially at the level of the state which are intended for use at the municipal level.