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The gas terminal Žavlje is not on the list of European energy projects of common interest

Slovenia is happy to establish that in its decision on the priority list of European energy projects, the European Commission has considered Slovenia's reservations and excluded the LNG terminal in Žavlje/Aquilinia from the list. Slovenia’s well-founded arguments and efforts invested in finding an acceptable solution about the location of a gas terminal in the Northern Adriatic must have contributed to this decision.

In her response to the decision of the European Commission, the Prime Minister, Alenka Bratušek, stressed that “Slovenia does not object to a gas terminal in the Northern Adriatic. We agree that energy diversification is important and essential for a stable long-term energy supply. However, a decision on the location of the terminal in such a fragile ecosystem as the Northern Adriatic has to be considered very carefully and take into account any environmental and other cross-border impacts. It is in this context that Slovenia will continue discussions with Italy and Croatia within the working group for energy projects in the Northern Adriatic, which was agreed at the trilateral meeting of the Prime Ministers of Slovenia, Italy and Croatia on 12 September 2013 in Venice.”
While the European Commission did not include the Žavlje/Aquilinia terminal on the list, it did include a note that the location of a terminal in the Northern Adriatic will be determined by Italy in agreement with Slovenia.
In practice, this means that the terminal will not be built in the area which Slovenia opposes due to the negative effect on the Slovenian territory in accordance with the Resolution on the Strategy for the Adriatic Sea which was passed in the National Assembly in 2009. The decision also applies to any new initiative for a gas terminal in the Northern Adriatic. However, studies of technical and economic feasibility and viability and agreement with EU legislation, particularly environment legislation, are needed before a final decision is taken on the project in the initial administrative phase, the feasibility phase or review stage.
Slovenia is satisfied with the latest decision of the European Commission.