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Meeting between Commissioner Oettinger and the Members States involved in the South Stream project

Against the backdrop of the meeting of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council, Energy Commissioner Oettinger organised informal talks with the relevant ministers on the South Stream pipeline in order to establish joint coordination of the project in the future.

During the discussions, Minister Omerzel stressed the following:
-        Slovenia has taken an active approach to resolving the issues regarding the South Stream project and EU legislation, which is why its representative attended the meeting today
-        South Stream has investment significance for Slovenia, which we have emphasised during the discussions. The project contributes to the major diversification of supply routes and has regional significance in terms of reliability of natural gas supply.
-        The Minister presented Slovenia’s view on the compliance of the bilateral agreement on the project with EU legislation. Therefore, the Minister expressed surprise over the Commissioner’s letter to the Russian side, in which all agreements were deemed in breach of EU legislation. Slovenia is still waiting for the official response of the European Commission.
-        Together with Bulgaria and Hungary, Slovenia expressed its opinion on the support of the joint European project, in which the European Commission would play a leading role, in order to enable the successful realisation of the project.