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Second rail track between Koper-Divača review

A review of the cost of building a second rail track between Divača and the port of Koper published on 2nd December has found that the price tag could potentially be EUR 115-210m lower than the currently projected cost.


The final price will depend on the choice of technology and whether the track will be used for both cargo and passenger transport.


The report by Geodata Engineering, released today, shows significant price differences stemming from the use of technology for building tunnels, which account for almost three-quarters of the length of the proposed 27-kilometre track. The cost is also associated with whether the track will be used only for cargo transport or for passenger transport as well.


At the lower end the cost is estimated at roughly EUR 930m for cargo only regardless of the choice of technology; at the higher end the cost of various variants is at about a billion euros, with the maximum at EUR 1.17bn. The figures include unforeseen costs ranging between 12% and 35% of the overall project price.