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Galileo goes live: EU is joining the club of providers of navigation services

Today EU is reaching a key milestone for Galileo. After years of intense work, EU is ready to declare the initial services of Galileo. Galileo is going live.

And this will have concrete impact for EU citizens: EU is improving the performance and accuracy of navigation systems and applications. And we know how indispensable they have become to our daily life. Galileo will work in conjunction with GPS.


Positioning will be more precise especially in cities. Critical infrastructures such as smart grids or bank transactions systems will benefit from high precision time synchronisation. And Rescue teams will be able to count on a system able to detect in 10 min (against 3h today) an emergency and localise it more precisely.


Galileo will directly support many policies: transport, mobility, agriculture, maritime activities, energy, security to name but a few … We will do our utmost to improve services over time and to meet existing and new needs while we are completing the constellation. 


EU need the businesses to invest in and innovate with Galileo. To create new applications, new services. This is an opportunity for start-ups in Europe. Today is also a strong signal sent to our international partners. EU is joining the closed club of providers of navigation services. And EU will play a key role in shaping the international environment for satellite navigation systems.


EU is committed to ensuring its stability, its development and its constant improvement.