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Marking of cycling route across Slovenia will be ready before the summer

Continuing with efforts to put Slovenia on the tourist map of cycling destinations a well-marked cycling route extending all the way from the Italian border in the north-west to the Croatian border in the east will be ready before the summer.


While the section starting in Rateče close to the triple border with Italy and Austria and ending in Ljubljana was marked last year, additional activities for securing smooth and safe routes for ambitions cyclists are already under way.


The segment between the capital and the eastern border town of Obrežje will also take cyclists past natural landmarks and tourist and cultural sights. Two alternative routes, joining near the Croatian border, will be available, one running along the Krka and one along the Sava river.


The Rateče-Obrežje route, marked with red signposts, will make for more than 200 kilometres of cycling across the country. The ministry plans to mark two more international cycling routes that cross Slovenia this year, Eurovelo 8 and Eurovelo 13.


The first is the Spain-Cyprus route, which runs from Škofije and Sečovlje on the Slovenian coast, while Eurovelo 13, the longest European route, running from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea along the former Iron Curtain, crosses Slovenia's Prekmurje region in the north-east.