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Minister Peter Gašperšič: Sustainable mobility is one of ministry's priorities

The Infrastructure Ministry hosted today in Ljubljana a national conference on sustainable mobility aimed at encouraging municipalities to strive for environmentally friendly transport. Addressing the event, Minister Peter Gašperšič said sustainable mobility was one of his ministry's priorities.


"Our focus is to encourage walking, cycling, the use of public transport and other alternative forms of mobility to decrease the use of cars," Gašperšič pointed out.


The ministry has been organising annual conferences promoting sustainable mobility for the last four years, but this year the project has evolved into a national conference.


While in the past, the conferences were held as an introduction to the European Mobility Week, this year it can be seen as a platform to discuss the drawing up of sustainable urban mobility plan (SUMP) of municipalities and regions.


Some municipalities have their strategies almost ready, while the rest should have them finalised by the end of June.


The minister therefore sees today's conference as an opportunity to "get additional answers and clarifications", which should help in the drawing up of the strategies, which are "rather new" in Slovenia.


Last year, Slovenian municipalities were very active in promoting sustainable mobility. As many as 74 participated in the activities organised as part of the European Mobility Week and 63 were working on their sustainable urban mobility plan.