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Minister Gašperšič: An important day for development of Edvard Rusjan Maribor Airport

The Slovenian-based Chinese company SHS Aviation presented its long-term plans for Slovenia's second largest airport only an hour and a half after a 15-year lease contract for the state-owned airport infrastructure was signed with Infrastructure Minister Peter Gašperšič. He called the lease an "important day for the airport's development".


"With its location, Edvard Rusjan Maribor Airport undoubtedly has the potential to become an important logistical hub and the arrival of important investors such as company Magna in its proximity will surely contribute to this," he said in a reference to the planned production facility of the Austrian automotive giant.


Addressing the press in Maribor together with Mayor of Maribor Andrej Fištravec, SHS Aviation director Pang Siu Yin said one of the routes would be to China.


While Aerodrom Maribor's new owners initially committed to generating 1.54 million passengers and 82,000 tonnes of cargo transport in the next five years as well as investing around EUR 139m into the airport, they presented even more ambitious plans today.


Pang said the company, which has its own fleet at Belgium's VLM airlines, plans to invest at least EUR 300m in the airport, build new terminals, hotels and a shopping mall. Apart from boosting the passenger and freight transport to two million passengers and 160,000 tonnes of cargo by 2028, the new investors also plan to set up a simulation and maintenance centre.


In line with the city of Maribor's plans for promoting circular economy, they are also to set up a centre for aircraft decommissioning. Turning to short-term plans, Pang announced flights to London, Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona, Zurich, Belgrade, Split and Podgorica on the one hand and Chinese cities of Xian, Chongqing and Nanchang on the other.


SHS Aviation bought Aerodrom Maribor for EUR 7m last December and took over the management of the airport for the next 15 years today for EUR 95,000 a month (VAT excluded) with the option of a five-year extension. The sale was carried out through Rim Projekt, which is to get EUR 3m from SHS Aviation now that the long-term lease contract has been signed.