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Brussels okay with rail upgrade toll surcharge

The relevant body of the European Commission has backed Slovenia's plan to raise part of the funding for an upgrade of the railway connecting the port of Koper with the inland hub of Divača with a toll surcharge for lorries, a Slovenian government official has said.


Infrastructure Ministry State Secretary Jure Leben presented Slovenia's plan to the Commission's committee for infrastructure charges, which met today at the request of Slovenia, Germany and Austria. Each country presented its model of toll surcharges and they all got the green light.


Slovenia plans to build a second rail track between Koper and Divača in a public-public partnership involving one or more hinterland countries, in combination with EU funds and fees such as a special levy on transshipment in Koper and a toll surcharge for lorries.


The country plans to impose a 15% toll surcharge on the motorway between Koper and Ljubljana, including the Ljubljana ring road, and a 5% surcharge on the section between Ljubljana and Šentrupert in the east. Leben said the surcharge would affect 184 kilometres of motorways or 30% of the motorway network.


The government is proposing for the surcharge to be in effect for 35 years, between July 2018 and 2052. Under the pessimistic scenario the receipts in 2019 would amount to EUR 10.5m, which revenue would be ringfenced strictly for the construction of the second track.


According to Leben, the proposal enjoys the support of the European Commission as well as the entire committee of other member states. The approval successfully concludes the procedure so there is no obstacle to Slovenia continuing with the activities for the implementation of the project.


Leben said today that the two chambers supported the construction of the second track and that the ministry would look into potential measures that could be taken to offset the impact of the surcharge on Slovenian hauliers.