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EMW analysis: 71 municipalities, 5 new, and 46,000 visitors

A full 24 of Slovenia’s 71 municipalities that participated in this year’s European Mobility Week (EMW) have implemented sustainable measures, according to an EMW analysis. These initiatives were joined this year by five new municipalities and one region (Spodnjeposavska), and an EMW event attracted a crowd of 46,000, which was larger than last year. The municipalities also have more funds available for EMW-related campaigns. This year they had EUR 2,600 on average, which is 30 percent higher than last year, and the number of municipalities without EMW funds fell.

The municipalities can already apply for funds for the coming year, as a call for applications for the co-financing and implementation of EMW measures in 2018 has already been published. The Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning will allocate EUR 236,643 from the Climate Change Fund for these measures. The maximum amount of co-financing per individual municipality is EUR 16,500. The funded activities include PARK(ing) Day, Walking Bus, and Including Local Economies in EMW Promotional Activities.


One of the examples of good practice this year was the inclusion of the tourism sector in Laško, where the Laško and Rimske Toplice spas were connected by bike routes so that everyone who got a stamp at both spas was rewarded with a free bathing pass. In the future, EMW planners will continue to place increased focus on how to include companies, public institutes, associations and individuals in the activities.


According to a survey conducted among the participating municipalities by the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, the most successful EMW-related activities are traffic calming on state and regional roads, the creation of new areas for pedestrians and cyclists, Car-Free Day (with a wide-ranging programme of activities and well attended), cycling events, walking buses, professional conferences, activities promoting public transport and new forms of mobility (electric buses, bike sharing, vehicle sharing, etc.). 

The winners of this year’s EMW were the Municipality of Krško and the City of Novo Mesto. The finalists among the urban municipalities included the City of Ljubljana and the City of Nova Gorica, and among non-urban municipalities the Municipality of Sevnica and the Municipality of Tržič.