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Minister Gašperšič signs protocol on construction of the southern part of Development Axis 3 and the western Novo Mesto bypass

Today the Minister of Infrastructure Dr Peter Gašperšič together with four mayors – Mayor of the Municipality of Črnomelj Mojca Čemas Stjepanovič, Mayor of the Municipality of Metlika Darko Zevnik, Mayor of the City of Novo Mesto Gregor Macedoni and Mayor of the Municipality of Semič Polona Kambič – signed the protocol on the construction of the southern part of Development Axis 3.

The project will be carried out in two stages. The first phase includes the construction of the expressway from the Dolenjska motorway, i.e. from Mačkovec to Revoz (Osredek connector), and the second phase from Revoz to Gorjanci (from Osredek via Poganci to the Maline intersection). A building permit will be obtained for the first phase in the next year, so construction will be able to commence at the beginning of 2019, and will be completed in 2022. This will provide direct access from the Novo Mesto business district to the existing motorway network. In order to implement the second phase, in 2018 studies will be made of the possible scenarios for construction and the project documentation, the parcelling of land and other geodetic work will be carried out, and land and rights thereto will be purchased. This will be followed by the obtaining of a building permit, so construction could begin in 2020 and be completed in 2024.


The Minister also signed a protocol for the construction of the western Novo Mesto bypass together with Mayor of the City of Novo Mesto Gregor Macedoni today. This protocol sets out a comprehensive solution for road issues in SE Slovenia, whose priorities are the new road connections to Bela Krajina, including a solution for the urban road network in Novo Mesto. “The project of the western Novo Mesto bypass is a joint project of the state and the City of Novo Mesto, and therefore both we at the state level and the municipality will endeavour to complete the activities as quickly as possible,” said the Minister. The project will be built in phases, and the dynamics of the phases will be defined in greater detail in the Operational Plan for Infrastructure Development, which is adopted or amended annually by the government. “As soon as the project is placed into the budget, the drafting of the project documentation for Phase 1 from Regrške Košenice to Brezje will begin. The documentation must be drafted by 2020,” said Minister Gašperšič, who added that in Phase 2 the bypass will be connected to the western Novo Mesto motorway interchange, and in Phase 3 the road at the Poganci turnoff will be connected to Development Axis 3.


Minister Gašperšič also attended the opening ceremony for the new 110/20 kV substation in Ločna today. The investment by the SODO company, worth EUR 4.6 million, is extremely important for the further economic development of the region, for the uninterrupted and reliable supply of the Krka pharmaceutical plant and the local industries in the wider area of Novo Mesto.