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Project planning protocol signed for northern part of Development Axis 3

Today in Ravne na Koroškem, Minister of Infrastructure Dr Peter Gašperšič together with the President of the Koroška Regional Council Dr Tomaž Rožen and President of the Mayors Council of the Savinja-Šaleška region Darko Menih signed the Protocol on the planning and construction of Development Axis 3 on the Šentrupert – Velenje – Slovenj Gradec – Dravograd – Holmec section.

The signing of the protocol confirms that Development Axis 3 is a priority project for the state road infrastructure, which will provide the Savinja-Šaleška and Koroška regions with equal opportunities for development.     

The subject of the protocol covers three main categories, relating to the planning and construction of an expressway on the Šentrupert – Velenje – Slovenj Gradec section, a more detailed study of upgrades to road connections between Slovenj Gradec and Dravograd and between Otiški vrh and Holmec, and the actual construction of those connections. Thus these two sections, in addition to the expressway to Slovenj Gradec, are priority projects. 

The protocol stipulates that DARS d.d. as the project developer will begin designing a four-lane expressway this year on the Šentrupert – Velenje – Slovenj Gradec section, and construction will begin by the end of 2019 at the latest and will be completed in 2023. The activities will be defined in greater detail in a 6-year operational plan for infrastructure development, which will be adopted by the Slovenian government. This should be followed by a framework schedule of works drawn up by DARS.


A study of the upgrades to the road connections on the Slovenj Gradec – Dravograd and Otiški vrh – Holmec sections will be conducted this year, which will also define construction outside of the existing road corridors. This will be followed by procedures for the laying out of the individual sections or roads, which is planned to start in 2018 and to be finished in 2020. The construction of these two road sections is conditioned by the prior layout. It is planned to begin three years after the layout and to be completed no later than four years after the start of construction.

A steering committee has been formed in order to monitor the implementation of the protocol. It includes representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and DARS, and representatives of local communities in the Savinja-Šaleška and Koroška regions.