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Slovenia receives EUR 44.3 million for construction of second track between Divača and Koper

The European Commission has published the results of the CEF 2016 call for proposals, through which it has proposed support for 152 projects through the funding programme of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). Slovenia was very successful in the call for proposals, as the European Commission will be supporting 11 projects in Slovenia, in a total amount of EUR 63 million. Of these proposals, three are rail projects and four are roads projects which were submitted by the Ministry of Infrastructure. The EC has approved EUR 57 million in co-financing funds for these projects.

A full EUR 44.3 of that EUR 57 million has been approved for preparatory work for the construction of the second track between Divača and Koper. We have now managed to cover the entire funding shortfall for the project from the envelope allocated to Slovenia. The shortfall amounted to EUR 33.5 million. We have also managed to obtain an additional EUR 10.8 million from remainders in the envelopes of other cohesion Member States. This adds up to a total of EUR 44.3 million in European funding, which represents 85% European co-financing.    


The awarding of grants for the Divača-Koper second track project confirms that the government has set up a sound financial structure for the project and that this has been recognised by the European Commission.