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Infrastructure Minister Peter Gašperšič inaugurated a new road bypassing the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport

The Infrastructure Minister Peter Gašperšič in the company of Zdravko Počivalšek, Minister of Economic Development and Technology, Zmago Skobir, Managing Director of Fraport Slovenia, and Franc Čebulj, Mayor of the Municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem today inaugurated a new road Kranj - Spodnji Brnik that bypasses the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. "Today's inauguration is the result of endeavours of the Prime Minister Miro Cerar's Government, which understands investments in infrastructure to be the driving force of the economy. We have increased our investments in railway and road infrastructure; this road is but one of many projects that during the term of this Government was drawn out of stalemate", said Mr Gašperšič and expressed his satisfaction that the 2.4 km road had been completed within the deadlines.

The construction of the road Kranj-Spodnji Brnik has improved access to the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport and will facilitate its further the expansion and development. The project comprised the construction of the new road with roundabouts, a deviation of the local road, construction of a service road to connect all airport areas, and restructuring of the roundabout in front of the military airport. Along the road, but separated from it, there is also a cycling path, constructed in compliance with the national programme of constructing long-distance cycling trails.
This by-pass with three roundabouts will be a substitute for the current main road between Šenčur and Cerklje na Gorenjskem, which was used not only by air passengers (almost 1.7 million last year) but also by freight transport moving more than 20,000 tons of goods per year. The minister pointed out that roundabouts will allow for quicker access to the passenger terminal, line maintenance, freight terminal and logistics; separating the passenger and freight transport. The traffic solution providing for separate entrances for passenger traffic and freight vehicles will reduce the internal network congestion and shorten access roads, and direct transit traffic not intended for the airport elsewhere.
The bypass has also had a decisive impact on the development of the business and logistic centre at the airport's northern side and accessibility of other areas along the airport that are to be developed in accordance with urban planning instruments. A new freight terminal is already being constructed, and the construction of a new passenger terminal will shortly begin; nearby the construction of the Kuehne+ Nagel logistic park, the largest in Europe, is almost finished. It is planned to be opened in July, and will provide for almost 200 jobs. The logistic centre Cargopartner, which will cater to the needs of customers in Central and South-Est Europe, has direct access to one of the roundabouts.
The total cost of the project was EUR 5.5 million. The Slovenian Infrastructure Agency invested EUR 4.1 million, Fraport Slovenia invested EUR 1.2 million, and Cerkno na Gorenjskem Municipality EUR 163 thousand. "This project could not be realized without this important cooperation and partnership between the State, the company Fraport and the Municipality. It enables the further development of the airport, of the economy of the region and also of the Republic of Slovenia", concluded the Minister.