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Unfreezing of EUR 109 million of European funds for the second track

The European Commission gave the go-ahead to conclude the financial agreement for drawing EUR 109 million of EU grants for the construction of tunnels on the route of the second track, said State Secretary Jure Leben after a meeting with the Commission’s representatives in Brussels. On that note, he also stressed that the financial agreement for relevant European funds could be concluded by the end of this month.

"The meeting was very positive. The Commission has been continually monitoring what has been happening in Slovenia and it has given the go-ahead to complete the process of concluding the financial agreement for drawing EUR 109 million," Leben said after the meeting. According to him, the text would be reviewed again in the forthcoming week to check whether any dates should be changed due to the delay in concluding the agreement.
Slovenia will be able to start drawing the funds once the Act on the second track is adopted and the contractor is selected.