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Concluding the agreement on the allocation of EUR 109 million of European grants for the second track

Today, the project company 2TDK and the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) of the European Commission concluded an agreement on the allocation of EUR 109 million of non-refundable funds from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) funding instrument for the second track project. The conclusion of the agreement was attended by Prime Minister Dr Miro Cerar, European Commissioner mag. Violeta Bulc, Dr Peter Gašperšič, Minister of Infrastructure, and State Secretary Jure Leben.

Following the enforcement of the act on the second track, the agreement will enable the drawing of EUR 109 million of EU grants obtained in the 2017 CEF Transport Blending MAP Call for the construction of seven tunnels on the new Divača–Koper railway line.
"Sometimes a mountain moves with only one signature, and the power of the pen is mightier than drills, pickaxes and shovels. Today is truly an exceptional day. Slovenia and the European Union are shaking each other’s hands in the project, which is of strategic significance for both," said Prime Minister Dr Miro Cerar in his speech.
He emphasised that a lot of work had been done and that it must be further continued without mistakes when selecting the best providers and observing all construction, work and environmental standards. "I sincerely hope that the construction of the second track already proves that it is a project of the future: that it not only leads to the future of transport, trade and management, but that the future has already arrived through the conditions on the basis of which the second track is being constructed," stated Cerar.
"Today’s conclusion of the agreement is important because Europe has proved that it stands by our side and supports this project. We have done more, much more than was thought possible. On this occasion, I want to thank my team, who breathed and believed in this project. And also the Slovenian citizens who gave the go-ahead to the project at both referendums and stated that the project must continue," stressed Dr Peter Gašperšič, Minister of Infrastructure, at the signing of the agreement. He further added that "the project is brought to the point where it is only a question of time when the Act on the second track will enter into force and the construction of the second track will commence." He also added that in June – as soon as the investment programme is adopted – the construction of access roads will begin.
"Another successful week for the second track project is behind us. Today we concluded the agreement for EUR 109 million and we have also submitted documentation to the European Investment Bank to arrange a loan for the project," said State Secretary Jure Leben after the signing of the agreement.
Slovenia has already obtained EUR 44.3 million of EU grants for preparatory works, and it will acquire an additional EUR 80 million from the Cohesion Fund for the construction of the eighth tunnel and two viaducts. In total, this amounts to EUR 233 million of the planned EUR 250 million of European grants.