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The Act on the second track will enter into force tomorrow

The Act Regulating the Construction, Operation and Management of the Second Track of the Divača-Koper Railway Line was published today in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia and will enter into force tomorrow.

"I am pleased that the Act enabling the construction of the second track in a way that will alleviate taxpayers to the greatest extent possible will finally enter into force," emphasised Dr Peter Gašperšič, Minister of Infrastructure. State Secretary Jure Leben added that the enforcement of the Act denotes the start of the construction of the second track. "We have already concluded an agreement with two contractors for preparatory works and the construction of access roads, which will be realised by the company 2TDK after the enforcement of the Act." 
As a reminder: the Act on the second track was passed by the National Assembly in May 2017 and the citizens decided on it twice in the referendum. Four years ago, the project was at a standstill and now it has its own act and a building permit. The company 2TDK, which will manage the project according to an example of good European practice, was established because of the project as well as a project council, which will ensure supervision of the civil society over such a large infrastructure project for the first time. We have also acquired EUR 153 million of European grants and an additional EUR 80 million will be obtained from the Cohesion Fund. We have already selected contractors for preparatory works and the construction of access roads. All of the above was done with the awareness that the second track is a strategic project, the largest infrastructure project in the country, which will contribute significantly to development, economic growth and new jobs. With the project, Slovenia will take advantage of its exceptional geostrategic position.